Arno Barnard


I am currently a senior lecturer in the Electric and Electronic Engineering Department, Stellenbosch University, South Africa.  I obtained my PhD at Stellenbosch University in 2021.  My dissertation focused on the development of a single event effects test infrastructure at iThemba LABS Cape Town.  During and since my post-graduate studies I have been involved in a number of satellite missions and contributed in the development of a variety of satellite experiments and hardware. My current research focus is on improving the radiation effects testing and mitigation environments. I am also active in projects that accelerate computer systems by using FPGA, GPU or multiprocessor approaches.

Contact Details:



I have taught the following undergraduate courses:

  1. Electronic Engineering 152 (Introduction to E&E Engineering design)
  2. Computer Programming 143 (Introductory to Programming)
  3. Electro Technique 214 (Circuit Theory and Electric Machines)
  4. Design (E) 314 (Digital Design)
  5. Computer Systems 414 (Embedded Systems)


Current Master Topics:

  1. “Developing a Test Suite to aid in Single Event Effect testing of ARM microcontrollers”, V.J. Sciocatti started in 2019 (Supervisor).
  2. “Accelerating the Method of Moments implementation on FPGA Hardware”, C.N. Mnisi, started 2019 (co-supervisor with Dr D.J. Ludick
  3. “Portable Radio Frequency Interference Monitoring System”, N.M. Mguni, started 2019 (co-supervisor with Dr Jacki Gilmore and Dr Gideon Wiid).
  4. “High Frame Rate Marker Detection and Pose Estimation using a Singular Camera for Robotic Applications”, S. Pretorius started 2020 (co-supervised with Dr Willem Jordaan).
  5. “Development techniques for Robust Satellite Software”, C. Pheiffer, started 2021 (co-supervised with Dr Lourens Visagie).


I am interested in the following fields of research:

Radiation Effects Testing and Mitigation, Computer systems, Satellite systems, Acceleration and general embedded design:

For more information on my research outputs please see one of the following sites: