E&E Demis 2021

This website has a few resources for Electrical and Electronic Engineering Demis.

If you have any questions (after reading everything on this page), please contact the ‘new’ demi-man-trying-his-best:

Willem Jordaan (wjordaan@sun.ac.za)

First Semester Assignment

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Assignment procedure

The engineering faculty requires all postgraduate students to be student assistants (demis) for our undergraduate modules. Masters degree students perform three demiships (two in the first year, and one in the second year) and PhD students perform five demiships (two per year in the first two years, and one per year in the third year).

Our undergraduate modules cannot function without student assistants, and we therefore need the help of all our postgraduate students. Your role as demis is essential to the quality and success of our undergraduate programme.

The following approach is used to allocate the demiships as fairly as possible, while also trying to optimally match students with modules:

  • M1, M2 = 1st and 2nd year Masters students
  • D1, D2, D3 = 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year Doctoral students
  • M1, D1 and D2 students are assigned two demiships, one 1st semester and one 2nd semester.
  • M2 and D3 students are assigned one demiship, either 1st semester or 2nd semester.
  • Students are allocated demiships in their field of study, and if possible, with their own study leader
  • Specialist modules (3rd and 4th year) are allocated demis first to make sure that students in that field are assigned to the module.
  • M2 and D1-3 students are assigned to specialist modules first, and then M1 students in the field of study.
  • Generalist modules (1st and 2nd year) are allocated demis from all fields of postgraduate study (mostly M1 students).

In the past, students in their final postgraduate year (M2 and D3) were only assigned demiships in the first semester. However, this year it was necessary to distribute the M2 and D3 students over both semesters to make sure that there are enough demis in the 2nd semester. (M2 and D3 students still only have to perform one demiship, though.)

Please understand that allocating students to demiships is quite a challenging task, and it was obviously not possible to assign all students to their favourite modules. However, with the current approach all students should at least be assigned to specialist subjects in their field of study, or alternatively to generalist modules.

If you are very uncomfortable or unhappy with your demi assignments, please send me an email directly, and I will see what we can do. You are also welcome to let me know if you and a fellow student would like to trade demiships.

Thank you in advance for your contribution to our undergraduate teaching programme!


The compensation is about R2800 per semester and will be paid per quarter (R1400 per quarter).