Satellite Communication

Satellite Communication at the ESL

Satellite communication is a field which is often limited by the unique geometry of satellite orbits. When a satellite orbits it only has a limited time window in which it can communicate with a specific point on the ground – meaning the communication time with a specific satellite is quite valuable. The ESL current communication research is focused the optimal usage of this communication time, by designing new hardware which makes better use of communications protocols and optimally links and uses satellite networks.


Current Projects

Satellite Network Optimization via Intelligent Hardware

André-Jan Merts

This topic involves the design and implementation of a simulation environment which can be used to simulate a multi-satellite and multi-groundstation network and then to determine the optimal( or nearest estimated) topology of the network. Strategies will account for both the environmental and highly variable nature of the problem as well as be designed to compensate for hard deadlines and limited time frames using computationally light machine learning techniques.

Protocol Independent Receiver

Sandile P Mkhaliphi

This project involves the design and hardware implementation of a parallel multi-protocol receiver system in order improve satellite communication. This system will be able to receive data with no prior information on the protocol being used and then correctly decode the data. The current protocols being used are the AX-25 and FX-25 but this is subject to change.