ZA-AeroSat Projects

ZA-AeroSat at the ESL

ZA-AeroSat is a 2U CubeSat with four feather communication antennas, which are also used for passive aerodynamic stabilisation. An active momentum wheel and magnetic stabilisation control system will be used to damp the aerodynamic oscillations and reduce the attitude disturbances. The satellite will form part of the QB50 constellation to gather science data in the upper layers of the troposphere in the altitude range from 350 km down to 200 km. All the satellites in the QB50 constellation will carry science payloads to be pointed to within ±10⁰ from the velocity vector direction. At these altitudes the atmospheric density becomes significant and increases exponentially as the orbit decays rapidly over only a few months’ period from launch to re-entrance in the much denser lower layers of the earth’s atmosphere.


Current Projects

There are currently no ZA-AeroSat projects at the ESL.